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iCite provides competitively-priced repair services including malware removal, data recovery, system installation and upgrades, hardware upgrades, and some component-level repair. No matter the operating system software or computer manufacturer, we fix them all.

We can build a custom computer for your specific needs at a very competitive price or help you make an informed decision about your next computer purchase.

We also can help you save money by supplying a refurbished computer.

Our experience can be a benefit to you. We know which products and components have the best reputations and reliability so we can help you make informed decisions about your computers.

Are you interested in learning about the GNU/Linux operating systems and open source software? It's a great way to extend the useful life of old computers. So if you need another computer, but don't want to spend money on more software licenses and new hardware, contact iCite

If you are a small business or an individual who needs help with computers, contact iCite.