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KISS = Keep Information Solutions Simple

"KISS" is an acronym which typically refers to the sage advice to "Keep It Simple Stupid." Most of us have heard it used at one time or another.

We at iCite Communications have decided to use that acronym in a new, more contemporary, and more positve way. For us "KISS" means to "Keep Information Solutions Simple."

When we consider "Information Solutions" we think in terms of "Information Technology" (aka, IT) which has produced the "Information Society." (Read more about the "Information Society" on WikiPedia.)

In business, access to and the distribution of information is critical. In larger companies today, it's not uncommon to find an executive position called the CIO (Chief Information Officer). This person usually has a significant portion of a company's operational budget which covers staff and assets used to manage the access and the distribution of information.

But a small business or an individual usually doesn't have a large budget.

We believe iCite Communications can provide most of the information technology needs for small businesses and individuals alike.

We are a group of people who enjoy applying simple, common sense solutions to technology problems. We also enjoy the art and process of communication.

We also believe the small business is a critically important component in a community's culture. The experience of shopping in a big-box store is quite routine even in different towns. But small businesses bring their own, very personal styles to the shopping experience.

We at iCite Communications value the small businesses in our community. We want to provide them with simple, cost-effective information solutions so they can be competitive.

As you browse this site, you'll see different pictures in the head of each page. These are pictures of the small business districts within our community. These are the people we support. We hope you will support them, too.

Remember to shop local.

And when you need an information solution, call iCite Communications.